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By Being a part of this Ministry, you can help define your moral and spiritual Environment.

If It Is Your Desire:

  1. Our country to return to the principles of our Founding Fathers; when we had Statesmen rather than Politicians in Washington; when Washington law-making reflected the - Will of the People rather than a government: that today, whose three branches ignore the Federal and State Constitutions and make mockery of it, placing themselves at odds with the American people, the very People who created the government to begin with.
  2. For our contry to return to the values of our Founding Fathers that reflected their Hebraic/Christian ethic versus the Humanistic Socialism we have today ...

Ponder This:

U.S. News & World Report says 95% (265 million x's .95=251,750,000) of America believes in God.... furthering, that 71% of that 95% (251,750,000 x's .71=178,742,500) regularly (weekly) attend church services. ... The Rev. Jerry Falwell states there are approximately 75 million evangelical Christians in America, which equates to 30% of all America. If this be true then why does our society appear to be and act as if we are in a post-Christian era as a Nation?

The answer is simple. Up until now we did not have an easy way to broadly communicate with each other in our own venue in the simplest terms and the establishment media supplies us with only the information (propaganda) they wish us to have so as to control our decision making thoughts.

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